Office coffee service and snack vending machines in GreenpointInnovative Office Coffee and Water Filtration Solutions for
Greenpoint Businesses

Corporate Coffee Systems offers the latest Greenpoint office coffee service. This includes gourmet coffee and high-end coffee brewers. Try a single-cup coffee brewer for maximum freshness and variety in your Greenpoint break room. If you want specialty drinks, go for a bean-to-cup coffee brewer. These coffee machines grind fresh beans before brewing espresso, coffee, cappuccinos, or lattes for your Greenpoint employees. 

Boost your coffee benefits further with our Greenpoint water filtration service. We attach a water filter to your existing water line. This feeds into the coffee brewers, ensuring the coffee tastes even better. Plus, our water filtration service comes with a floor-standing or countertop water dispenser that offers both hot and cold water. It makes it easy to enjoy delicious filtered water any time of day.

Micro-markets and vending service in Greenpoint Micro-Markets for the Modern Greenpoint Break Room

Are you ready for a Greenpoint micro-market? It’s the newest service option that can completely transform Greenpoint break rooms. Fresh food, snacks, drinks, candy, healthy alternatives, and more are artfully arranged on shelves, racks, and in glass-front coolers. Your Greenpoint employees can browse all the refreshment options, even looking at labels before they buy. Plus, the micro-market makes food and drinks available 24-7 thanks to the self-checkout kiosk. It accepts cash, credit cards, and even mobile payment to make using the micro-market a breeze. 

Pantry service and office coffee in Greenpoint Employee Impressing Office Pantry Service for Greenpoint

At Corporate Coffee Systems we know recruiting and retaining top talent is important. We can help by providing a Greenpoint office pantry service. This allows companies to offer Greenpoint employees free food and drink options in the break room. We handle all the back-end work to find products that fit your budget, restock the break room, and provide an invoice. Office pantry is the best way to use your Greenpoint break room as an employee retention and recruitment tool.

Keep your Greenpoint office stocked and ready to serve with Corporate Coffee Systems at 800.284.CORP or